Han Freakin' Solo!

A Han Solo Project, WHAT?!

It's Wednesday morning. I have a decaf (with a splash of coconut milk in hand). Baby is napping. I have a 'Han Solo' Google search open in my tabs. My heart is every so filled with glee. Holy-cow this is happening!? I never thought I'd see the day come when my teenage son Timothy would agree to being the star of a themed photo shoot! Of all the characters he could be, he did not hesitate when I mentioned Han Solo. That's my boy!

With my Toy Story project coming up sooner than later, Minecraft Series 2, and Beauty and the Beast following suit, we may not see Tim's rendition of Han for weeks, maybe months. All I know is that I had to shout this information to the universe! 

Until the next adventure! #holdontothemagic